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Guaranteed quality funeral services from RITUAL SERVICE ISHOD

About Us

and about our funeral services

Our funeral home provides funeral services in Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk), we work in Kamensky and throughout Ukraine. Full service funeral home from mortuary to cemetery and crematorium. Minimum price for burial and cremation.

Funeral services store Exodus: significant discounts and always affordable prices for goods and services. We work without intermediaries. 15 years of experience in the field of funeral services will always find a solution for each person. The most affordable prices for funeral services in the city.

Funeral agency
Funeral services RITUAL SERVICE ISHOD / EXODUS in Kamenskoye provides a full range of funeral services. Organizing and conducting funerals from A to Z.

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Briefly about our services
uslugi ritual transport ishod

ritual transport

Round-the-clock order in Kamenskoe and Dnepropetrovsk region

Available coffins in the city of Kamianske


Always available

Funeral Dniprodzerzhinsk, ritual paraphernalia Kamenskoe


Various wreaths available

Funeral dinners at Ishod Cafe

Memorial dinners

Convenient and high quality, arrange a funeral dinner

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Short list

For funerals, we offer a wide range of funeral services.

1. Social burials

from ₴ 3500

2. Orderlies

from ₴ 400

3. Coffins

from ₴ 1400

4. Wreaths

from ₴ 150

5. Cremation

from ₴ 8000

6. Hearse

from ₴ 400

5. Dinners

from ₴ 215

Our services include:

RITUAL TRANSPORT: Round-the-clock order of transport in the city of Kamensky and Dnepropetrovsk region.
COFFINS: Always available a wide choice of coffins.
WREATHS: We offer quality wreaths both in stock and on order.
MEMORIAL LUNCHES: Convenient and high quality, we organize a memorial dinner.

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In stock

Conducting a funeral with the opportunity to purchase the necessary attributes. We offer a wide range of ritual goods and accessories for a worthy farewell ceremony.

Order a lacquered coffin for a VIP funeral in Ishod

Lacquered coffins

Always in stock in Kamenskoe

Wreaths and accessories in the city of Kamianske


We always offer high quality wreaths

economical burial by ISHOD funeral home Kamianske

Econom burial

Funeral service from 3500 thousand UAH.


Cheaper and better quality has not yet been invented

✓ Order a full range of funeral services – all in one place!
✓ Quality assurance from RITUAL SERVICE ISHOD
✓ Full range of services from morgue to cemetery and crematorium
✓ Minimum prices for burial and cremation


Always ready to help

If you are faced with the task of organizing a funeral in Kamenskoye or its environs, one of the key aspects of interest to you is probably the cost of funeral services. In this article, we will consider the issues of prices for a funeral in Kamenskoye and talk about the various options for organizing a farewell ceremony.

A variety of prices for funeral services in Kamenskoye and the region.

The cost of funeral services can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, such as the choice of funeral service, the scale of the ceremony and services. Therefore, it is important to understand what you want to get from the funeral ceremony.

ISHOD 24/7: Options and prices

One of the leading ritual services in Kamenskoye is “ISHOD 24/7”. This service provides a variety of funeral arrangements tailored to the needs and budget of clients.
Basic package of services: The most affordable option for organizing a funeral is provided at a price of 3,500 hryvnia. This package includes the basic funeral services required for the farewell ceremony.
Standard funeral: The average cost of a funeral organized by ISHOD 24/7 ranges from UAH 6,000 to UAH 12,000. This option provides a wider range of services and may include the design of a memorial hall, farewell to the deceased, etc.
Premium funeral: For those who strive for a special thorough and high-quality organization of the farewell ceremony, ISHOD 24/7 offers a Premium package at a price starting from UAH 15,000.
This option may include additional services such as a selection of exquisite coffins, exclusive room decoration and other special aspects.


The cost of funeral services in Kamenskoye is diverse and depends on your preferences and capabilities. ISHOD 24/7 offers a wide range of options, ranging from affordable basic services to luxurious “Premium” funerals. It is important to choose what suits your desires and budget.
Regardless of the choice, remember that funeral services strive to provide a respectful and dignified farewell to the departed. It is important to choose an option that will emphasize the individuality and memory of the deceased.
If you have any questions or want to know more detailed information, we recommend that you contact the ritual service “ISHOD 24/7”, where you are always ready to provide professional assistance and advice.
Note: These prices may change over time, so it is recommended that you contact the funeral home for up-to-date information.

Welcome to our website, where we delve deeply into the question that worries many: what to choose – cremation or burial? Let’s take a look at why cremation can be a cost-effective decision and what factors to consider when making this important decision.

Cremation: The Cost-Effective Choice

One of the most common myths is that burial is the only acceptable and traditional way to say goodbye to the past.
However, modern realities show that cremation is becoming more and more popular not only because of the practicality, but also the economic component.

Individual factors determine cost

The price of funeral services, as well as the cost of a place in a cemetery, can vary significantly depending on the region and conditions. Individual advantages and specifics of the situation should also be taken into account. Therefore, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of which is cheaper – cremation or burial.

Saving Benefits of Cremation

However, it is worth noting that in most cases, cremation may indeed be a more cost-effective option.
By saving the cost of cemetery space and additional services associated with burial, you can allocate resources to other aspects, such as a memorial ceremony or memorial commemoration.

Conclusion: Savings and individual choice

So, the question of what to choose – cremation or burial, depends on many factors. It is necessary to take into account cost, practicality, personal preferences and features. While it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly which is cheaper, cremation always provides a cost-effective option that may be more practical in society.
We hope this information has helped you better understand your choice of cremation and burial.
Regardless of your decision, it is important to remember that every choice is made with respect for the memory and traditions of the past.

Forgiveness from a loved one is a difficult moment in the life of each of us. Organizing a funeral requires special attention and care, but sometimes the emotional state makes this process especially difficult. Even with the most detailed instructions, many find it difficult to cope with this task on their own. During this difficult period, private business operators often try to take advantage of families’ vulnerability by offering services that can be very expensive. But here Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7 comes to the rescue.

Professional support in difficult times

The staff at Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7 understand how important it is to create an atmosphere of respect and support for the company’s efforts in such a sensitive situation. We are ready to take responsibility for organizing the funeral and make it so that every moment passes with delicacy and care.

Operational and business employees

Our employees are reliable and conscientious professionals. We understand that every family is unique and strive to provide a personalized experience in every aspect. Whatever your needs, our experts will provide you with comprehensive support.

Consultations and Answers to questions

To help you make decisions and provide maximum clarity in difficult times, we provide free consultations. You can always contact us by round-the-clock phones: +38 (093) 525-76-63 and +38 (068) 883-33-73 Our experts are ready to share information and help you make a farewell to your loved ones.
Organizing a funeral is a process that requires special care and professional support. At Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7, we are ready to be your allies during this difficult period. Reliable, conscientious and attentive employees ensure that every moment is spent with dignity and respect for memory. Feel free to contact us for detailed information and advice.
Welcome to the page dedicated to ritual accessories, an integral part of the organization of the funeral. We offer a variety of quality products that will help you spend this difficult moment with respect and dignity.

Coffin with Padding and Cross

The coffin is a symbol of respect for the memory of the past. We offer upholstered coffins with crosses on the lid. This will allow you to choose a style that reflects the personality and religion of the deceased.

Wreaths with Ribbons

Our wreaths are created with care and professional craftsmanship. You can choose standard wreaths with inscriptions on ribbons or a custom design. Your participation in the creation of the wreath will give it a special meaning.

Cross and Icons

Crosses with a metal or plastic plate allow you to perpetuate the name of the deceased. The inscription on the cross is applied before the start of the funeral, providing individual respect for each person.

Whisk, Cross and Icon

A whisk on the forehead, a cross in the hands and a badge are symbols of faith and memory. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs and traditions of your family.

Spins and Ritual Candles

Coffin lid screws are a practical solution, replacing nails and providing a secure closure. Ritual candles and lamps create an atmosphere of memory and respect.

Completeness and variety

We understand that every ceremony is unique. Therefore, we offer an expanded range of ritual accessories, including goods necessary for mortuary procedures, dressing the deceased and applying makeup.
The choice of ritual accessories is an individual and significant process. We strive to provide you with everything you need to organize a respectful and sensitive farewell. Our goal is to help you keep the memory of your loved one the way you want it. Call us on 24/7 telephones: +38 (093) 525-76-63 and +38 (068) 883-33-73 and our specialists will respectfully provide you with support and advice.

Our company provides a full range of services for a worthy farewell and a memorable funeral.

1. What types of funeral services do you provide

We offer funeral services at the highest level:
Funeral: Organizing and conducting a funeral with care for every detail.
Cremation: Choice of cremation as an alternative way to say goodbye.
Hearse: The provision of a hearse for a dignified and serious occasion.
Orderlies: Professional service and care for the deceased before the funeral.

2. What additional services do you provide?

As part of our range of services, we are also ready to offer:
Batiushka: Services of a confessor for religious rites.
Bus and Route: Organization of transport for relatives and guests.
Ritual agent: Help and support of relatives at every stage.
Funeral dinners: Organization of memorable dinners for guests and loved ones.
Paperwork: Preparation and maintenance of all necessary documents.
Washing and embalming: Caring for the body of the deceased with respect and attention.
Cargo 200: Organizing the transportation of the deceased to the place of burial.
Forgiving Hall: A cozy place to hold a farewell.

3. What are the quality guarantees of your services?

We guarantee high quality services and a professional approach to every stage of organizing a funeral.