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Burial at the cemetery in Kamenskoye and throughout the region.

Price from 3500 UAH. (final depends on the cost of a place in the cemetery) and the choice of funeral paraphernalia. A full range of services: a hearse, from the orderlies, a priest, a morgue, funeral paraphernalia, a bus, paperwork, digging a hole.

2. Cremation

Organization of cremation in the crematorium, as well as any type of intercity transportation “cargo 200”.

There are only 3 crematoria in Ukraine – Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkov. The closest to Kamensky is in Kharkov.

Cremation price – from 8000 UAH.

(Relevant for the period of hostilities in 2023.)

This is the “minimum” package, also possible “standard” and “premium”.

Our funeral home has been providing funeral services in Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk) for more than 12 years, we work in Kamensky and throughout Ukraine. Full service funeral home from mortuary to cemetery and crematorium. Minimum price for burial and cremation.

Assistance in paperwork, full legal support, round-the-clock consultations.

We work quickly, experience more than 12 years. We take care of everything.

Regarding cargo 200 and transportation through the territory of Ukraine and its borders, as well as for other issues, call the indicated numbers at any time.

Ask any questions on ritual matters. Free consultations. Our funeral home will help you in difficult times …

We try to do our job better, and therefore advise friends and acquaintances.

“Hall of Farewell”

The ritual hall (chapel) is a whole complex, a place where relatives and friends say goodbye to the deceased.

The air conditioner is working.

“Calling the Agent Home”

Our employee Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7 will come to your home on call. It will help to quickly and efficiently organize a worthy funeral or cremation of a loved one. It will free you from unnecessary hassle, bureaucracy associated with paperwork and unnecessary expenses. Departure of the agent within Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk) is free! Call us and we will provide the best specialist.

We will help you in difficult times!

Cheaper and better quality has not yet been invented!