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The man is alive! But it comes! What to do first?

It is necessary to conclude a declaration with the family doctor in advance.
Get a medical card for a person’s illness, and register.
Periodically, it is necessary for a doctor to visit a person, make notes and make notes about the visit, so the more entries you have in the medical record, the less likely it is that in the future the person will be taken to the FMS (forensic medical examination) after death.
The most important thing is the exchange of contact numbers with the doctor, and be in touch with him at any time and in good relations!

Each of our loved ones sooner or later grows old or a disease sets in, what should be done in this case?

No panic. Advance preparation.

So that no one imposes anything on you from the outside, you determine in advance what you need: “burial” or “cremation”, then you compare prices, and the deceased wish, and you should already understand what a loved one wants during his lifetime, and whether he was painted or he is of a different faith.

A man has died. What to do first?

When you find that your loved one does not show signs of life, you need to:
1) Contact the family doctor with whom you concluded the declaration, or the person on duty if yours went on vacation, and inform him of the death of a loved one.
2) Call the police on line 102, explain the situation that you contacted the doctor and dictate his contact number, report that he has observed you!
3) Close windows and doors tightly so that there are no drafts and decomposition does not occur!
4) Do not touch the dead person until the police arrive!
5) Contact our representative, who will be able to answer any of your questions 24/7, and report the incident.
6) Without panic, wait for the arrival of the police and the doctor.
7) After the arrival of the police, consisting of 3 people, and the doctor, after examining the deceased, his further fate is clarified, that is, the doctor writes out a death certificate with a diagnosis of illness, or they send a person to CME (forensic medical examination), autopsy and determination of the cause of death, if the doctor cannot confirm that this happened due to a particular disease.

House call agent

Our employee Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7 will come to your home on call. It will help to quickly and efficiently organize a worthy funeral or cremation of a loved one.
It will free you from unnecessary hassle, bureaucracy associated with paperwork and unnecessary expenses.
Departure of the agent within Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk) is free!
Call us and we will provide the best specialist.
We will help you in difficult times!

List of services

We have the lowest prices! We work without days off.

1. Burial at the cemetery in Kamenskoye and throughout the region

Burial at the cemetery in Kamenskoye and throughout the regions

Price from 3500 UAH. (final depends on the cost of a place in the cemetery) and the choice of funeral paraphernalia. A full range of services: a hearse, orderlies, a priest, a mortuary, funeral paraphernalia, a bus, paperwork, a copy of the pit.

2. Cremation

Organization of cremation in the crematorium, as well as any kind of long-distance transportation “cargo 200”.
There are only 3 crematoria in Ukraine – Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkov. The closest to Kamensky is in Kharkov.
Cremation price – price from 8000 UAH.
(Updated for the period of hostilities in 2023)
This is the “minimum” package, “standard” and “premium” are also possible.
Assistance in paperwork, full legal support, round-the-clock consultations.
We work quickly, experience more than 12 years. We take care of everything.

Regarding cargo 200 and transportation through the territory of Ukraine and its borders, as well as for other issues, call the indicated numbers at any time.
Ask any questions on ritual matters. Free consultations. Our funeral home will help you in difficult times …
We try to do our job better, and therefore advise friends and acquaintances.

3. Hall for farewell

From Ishod hall for farewell to the deceased in Kamenskoye

The ritual hall (chapel) is a whole complex, a place where relatives and friends say goodbye to the deceased.
The air conditioner is working.

4. HEARSE SERVICE “Mercedes-Benz W124 E300”

AUTO HEARSE Mercedes-Benz W124 E300
HEARSE «Mercedes-Benz W124 E300»

“Mercedes-Benz W124 E300” – a specialized VIP class hearse was purchased and used by us specifically to provide services for the transportation of the deceased at the highest level.
This is a worthy vehicle for taking your dear people on their last journey.

5. Coffins and Sarcophagi

Coffin lacquering to vip funeral

Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7
It offers coffins and sarcophagi in stock, in the largest assortment in our city, you will not find more choice, of different shapes and in different price categories.
Here you can buy coffins from the simplest black-and-white classics with upholstery, to the design idea embodied in the VIP tree.


Always ready to help

special clothing for the deceased (if there are no other options);
ritual bed in the coffin;
towels for bandages bearing the coffin;
a towel for a bandage on a cross;
towels for a bandage on transport (optional);
a napkin for bread (laid on top of the coffin lid);
handkerchiefs for candles;
handkerchiefs for tying a wreath, 2 per wreath (optional);
scarves or scarves for women (optional);
ritual cover for covering the deceased (may be included in the bed set or selected separately);
ritual shroud (used for covering over clothing);
soil bags (optional)
bandages on the wrist (optional).

To obtain a death certificate, the following documents are required: a passport, a customer’s registration, a passport of the deceased, a death certificate from a morgue or hospital.

After you receive an urn with the ashes of your loved one, you can bury it in the cemetery with your relatives, or leave it at home in a sideboard, also scatter it over a pond, leave it with us for preservation, it’s up to you.

Embalming is an integral part if: a person has a lot of weight, or it needs to be preserved for a certain amount of time, also if the deceased has (wounds), (bedsores), etc.

Our Ritual Service ISHOD 24/7 will help you in difficult times, in organizing a funeral procession, in the region and the city of Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk) at the address. Free 9 (Magnitogorsk).