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Gallery Ishod

The central hall, where all the goods for the funeral from the funeral home are exhibited
Hall selling funeral paraphernalia

Check out our unique content and create a respectful and memorable environment.
Check out our unique content and create a respectful and memorable situation.
Welcome to the Exodus Gallery, your place to find a variety of funeral paraphernalia to help create a respectful and memorable last farewell. Our gallery presents a rich selection of products to participate in this important moment.

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Wreaths: Commemorative Images

Our wreaths are expressive symbols of memory and respect. Exodus Gallery has a wide selection of wreaths, and each one is unique. Regardless of your choice, each wreath is created with the care of your loved one.

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Coffins: From Exquisite to Budget

Understanding individual preferences and budget, we offer coffins of different categories: from exquisite VIP coffins to budget options. Our gallery will provide a choice to memorialize the past.

From budget to vip
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Accessories: Important details

Every detail matters. In the Exodus Gallery you will find a variety of accessories that will help you pay respect and attention to the atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an icon, a cross or other accessories, we’re here to meet your needs.

Differentiate accessories from reality

Unique content

Please note that the content featured in the Ishod Wreath and Coffin Gallery is unique and copyrighted. This guarantees the originality and quality that we provide for each product.